(Request) Colored Mega Eevee

As requested by @bubby7474, I have made the mega eevee sprite more colorful:


Enjoy :smiley:

hey @SerenityFaithful , Love Your Sprite , I was wondering that can you make this sprite shiny Well if you want to or not :wink: If you can i will pay a lots IV Stones and mega stones Also Keep making Good Sprite And a Happy New Lunar Year :smiley:

Sure. What are you thinking of paying me?

Everything that you want From all mega stone you want to more than 10 IVs Stone with some Rare delta pokemon Also Glad you answered my Question :smiley: But i don’t have DISCORD :disappointed_relieved:

How many iv stones do you have?

Also discord is great. I recommend joining.

for about 10 iv stones , i remember