Replacing Protagonist Trainer Sprites

I’m a huge sucker for using my own “custom trainer” in Pokemon fangames, and I’ve seen on Let’s Plays here and there folks using their own via sprite replacements. Unfortunately, checking the net for a “how to” is rather vague, I couldn’t find help on the Discord (Even if they did help me with getting my save from my old laptop, thanks guys!) community and I can’t even find what to replace.

Any help would be appreciated!

Open the graphic folder in your Insurgence folder and find the graphic you want to replace. Delete it (it may be a good idea to back these files up first) and put the custom image file there (renamed to be the same as the file you deleted)

I figured as much, but does anyone have any idea where the protagonist sprites are? All I’m finding for them is clothing.

Close to the bottom in the characters folder.

… Is it the naked ones? Can I get the file names maybe?

trchar178.png trchar178_bike.png trchar178_run.png

Female is the same, but 179. If you want the location of any other files, I can probably find them.

Thanks. So if I replace the sprites there, that will replace the avatar in game? Or does the avatar have to be naked as well in order for it to go through? I was hoping to replace the avatar on my existing save, who is obviously clothed and all.

As for sprites I’m looking for, I was actually thinking of working from the clothed version of the avatar as a base to start from, since some design choices are similar to what I had in mind (Not all, still gonna need a lot of work) and could save me some time. Is there anywhere those would be available? I can still put them over the ones stated above when I’m done, would just like to work using them.

Thanks again!

It’ll replace the overworld sprite for the base character. If you want to replace the trainer card and battle sprites replace these:

Front: trainer178.png trainer179.png

Back: trback178.png trback179.png

Actually it seems like 000, 001, 002 and 003 are the same as the ones mentioned, in all cases. Don’t know which ones you’ll have to replace. If you want to redo the clothes, you’ll have to replace the clothes themselves. They can be found in the various clothes folders. I believe this information is correct, if someone wants to correct me, please do so.

If you want to switch or change clothes, you go to graphics, and clothes.

Will give it a shot, thanks a lot!

Hey. So… I found one of the developer trainer overworked sprites, since you can battle them on dev island, and found one that I liked more than the trainer sprite I had. So, i tried this, but then it didn’t work! I don’t know if it was cause I had hair, or if it was cuz I had different clothes on, or what, but I still looked the same! Can I have some help??

The last post was literally two years ago but whatever. Replace the clothes, backpack, and hair sprites with completely transparent .png files.

wait… nvm I found it