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Remove ancient tower floor fall its horrible

been on it for i think an hour i am so close to ripping hair out why would anyone put this in a pokemon game so getting rid of it or make it so you can slow your game greatly would do wonders on my sanity

got through it but my opinion stays the same why this is in game is beyond me i hope the next game the devs make that they do not add somthing like this to it

It’s only hard if you overthink it or panic. Or if you use Hyperspeed while doing it.

its hard when your game is for some reason on turbo mode even though its not on

1.2.5 made it a toggle. Just press M a couple times and it should turn off.

like i said its not on i already tried that for some reason my game acts like its on 24/7 and the crazy thing is it gets even faster if i turn turbo on i use to think its was normal for it to be this fast but when i looked up vids of the game the vids are like half as fast as my game