Relic Song (move)

Does anyone know where Meloetta can learn Relic Song as a move? I tried using the Move Relearner, but didn’t see it in the list of moves.

Probably place where you encounter Taen in No Man’s Land. There is move tutor who teaches rare event only moves but when I tried to select move to learn game just crashed.

If you don’t mind me asking, where is that NPC?

How far are you in game?

Saw the Registeels fighting.

Did you finished Taen’s side quest?

In it’s entirety. Yes

Give me 10 min I’ll write how to get there

Ok. Thanks in advance.

So to get there:
Go to Alpha Temple in No Man’s Land;

When inside go to top and choose left pathway;

Next room go to top (only top pathway);

Next use Rock climb to get past platform and go far right, you’ll see only pathway down;

Next room right;

Next go far right and choose up pathway;

Keep going up;

And here is he:

As I said earlier the game crashes on me.

He’s not here. I don’t see him.

The last part of the Taen quest is fighting him back at Dragon Ruins right?

Yes. And maybe you need to rematch E4. Not sure about it though

Ok. I’ll try that later. Thanks. You have no idea how little help Spoilers chat is with things like that.

you have to do Reukra’s quest. go to the perfection base you will find a pokeball with a note and than refer to Collaborative Post Game Guide quest 7 the azure flute and than after you finish that quest than you go to the no man’s land and the guy will be there