Red Sprites

Hello there. Two weeks ago i asked for a photo editor bc i wanted to change my trainer sprites to Valerie (the fairy gym leader of 6 gen) but it didn’t fit in the game so i changed the trainer sprite to Red (everybody knows who is he) and here you have it. Feel free to use it on the game :grinning::blush:

(You need winrar to extract the folder) Now is almost complete. In the file are some instruccions that you need to read if you wan’t to use them on the game

Changed sprites: -Overworld sprite -Battle animation -Trainer card


I did something very similar but in Insurgence, you have to have individual parts in pretty sure. Also, Nice Work! Or am I being very dumb? You tell me.

These are only going to change your characters appearance when exploring, if I’m not mistaken. When in battle it will default to in battle sprite.

But that’s easy to model. I made a hat model for in-game and it works

Of course if you can create sprites to match then you will have the whole package.

Im working on that too but is really hard :sweat_smile:

Practice makes perfect, good luck!
Also, I’m pretty sure there are Red sprites around the internet.

I made this forum before… I made this last year and the sprite are a bit off… :stuck_out_tongue: