Red Pokemons

Is there anything special about the red pokemons you get for beating the elite four and champion without a pokemon fainted because before 1.2.5 red gardevoir have the same stats as mega gardevoir and have pixilate but now it does not.

yes there is

you can read this for more information, but they basically get special moves:

also in 1.2.5 you can also get red luc and machamp from rocket on the other side of the room

Thx, also dark nova can be a physcial or special?

nah its just special

then why under it, it said, " This attack is unique for calculating damage using the higher of Mewtwo’s attack and special attack" lastly does burst mode makes them mega evolve

it will use the higher stat as in its damage calc, but the damage will be considered a special attack

so is it like photon geyser

i think so? havent played the new games tho so not 100% sure

Not quite Photon Geyser. Like Photon Geyser it compares the attacking stats and it uses the highest, but unlike Photon Geyser which it will change into a physical move when the attack is higher, Dark Nova will always hit the special defence of the opponent, regardless of what stat it is using.

ok thank you very much