Red Pokémon

Hey guys I just beat the every Elite 4 member and the Champion all without losing a single Pokémon and believe me that was grueling. Anyways I was wondering are these Red Pokémon valuable in the community? Would they be worth a shiny. I’m not really looking to trade for now but being new-ish to the game I was wondering.

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i wouldn’t a it’s worth a shiny, more like a legendary imo

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Is a legendary worth more in this game than a shiny?


Ah I see ok makes sense

I consider the Red Gardevoir to be valuable because it is badass AF, but otherwise, not quite sure.

red gardevoir is as rare as a legend, but a shiny is rarer than a legend cuz well shinies spawn randomly while legends are set spawn (with the exception of romings)

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I would personally give an shiny for it if it were 0/31 iv.