Red Lucario

Does anybody know, why you can encounter wild red (mega-) Lucarios in the Alpha Temple? After you catch them, they return to normal form, however.

I think they might be the evolution of the Shadow Riolu and its a glitch but they do look cool :smiley:

If you beat the Pokemon League without having any of your pokemon fainting, you can get a special Red Lucario from 1oftherocketbros. You can also get a special Red Machamp from him and a special Red Gardevoir from the Black Belt in the Pokemon League.

How does this work exactly? I got the red Gardevoir, but when I talk to 1oftherocketbros he just asks if I’m one of those people asking questions without looking at the wiki first.

You have to talk to him in the pokemon league. You should find him in the bottom left of the building