Recommended System Requirements?

Hi I’m having trouble finding out the system requirements I would need to be able to run this game. I’m positive that my computer can run it but I’ve been considering buying a budget windows 10 tablet so I can have a portable option for playing all the awesome Pokémon Games (Uranium comes out today too yay!) made with RPG Maker. The tablets I’m looking at have 2 gigs of ram and their processors are clocked at around 1.8 GHz. Would a tablet like that be able to run Zeta/Omicron and Insurgence?

Found this at the RPG Maker website

Though it belongs to the program itself, but I guess it is about the same.

Thanks for this! I pretty much did the same thing and the specs look really low which is encouraging. I know that the version of RPG Maker XP for Pokémon games also uses something called Pokémon Essentials so I wasn’t sure if that would affect the specs in any way.

Nah probably not.