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Recolor extravaganza (part 3 of me being bored)

Hello, Im Aki, (im not dead), im willing to take requests (2 AT A TIME AT MOST)


(Any specific things you’d like)

Shiny Rayquaza
Yellow, Gray, Green
I want a lightning bolt on the tail

(Dm me on discord if u want, PrincessFluffles#0666)

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Ok, pls do shiny darkrai
With these colors :
light pink
light blue
and a light yellow. Also a star on the tip of its tail/back (idk) @Aki

These pictures will kinda show the color. image

(maybe a darker shade (BUT not that much) for yellow)?

Shiny Darkrai

@Derpysaga Hows this! the star looks a little off, but I had to work around the hand so, hope you like it! (I made the blue darker to give some sort of contrast between the light colors)


i made a shiny darkrai if you want to use it
icon491s-1.png 491s-2.png (3) 491s-2.png 491s-1.png

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your shiny darkrai is is vey cool though

WOW thanks it looks magnificent

make a shiny version of this
612_1(3) 612_1(3)(1)

idc about colors i know you will do a good job making a shiny for it
i’m only asking cuz idk good color combos

@IndianAnimator how about dark blue (instead of that red outline). Black for the body instead of gray (or a dark gray)


You aren’t? I thought you died lmao
How bout a shiny gengar recolor? But a bit more edits to the body.
I want it to be sky blue, with purple accents.

kk @IndianAnimator & @EnviousRage12 I’ll get working on it!


@IndianAnimator 5ba6ea8c48b068d3372fce6a22d86f70f1ad329a

:bowing_man: thx aki

double ping