Receivable Eggs

Hi, can anyone please make a list of the eggs that are receivable through the game. This is not about an egglocke, just the gift eggs like delta Noibat, Magby and Togepi. Thanks!!

  • Metchi Town - Marill Egg (3000 $)
  • Vipik City - Togepi Egg (2500 $)
  • Helios City - Wynaut Egg (2500 $)
  • Hekate Town - Munchlax Egg (2500 $)
  • Ancient Tower (dive in Selene City) - Delta Noibat Egg (Free / Tower ascent complete)

There are others, but not stated in the wiki so search, don’t be lazy… :yum:


Um, this is actually to help people? Lmao

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I answered you, right ? Thus, I believe it is an effective answer. Btw, I don’t think a Magby Egg is available in the game. Not at my concern.

I think there is a Magby egg in the Dream Realm, I don’t remember in which city, but I for sure hatched one.

Delta magby is in Holon, not the dream realm. iirc the egg was a delta yamask.

I just started Holon and already had a Magby, weird, I got the Delta Yamask from a trade in the dream realm.

Well, Delta Magby is found in Holon Lake as a regular encounter. For regular Magby, you can find it in Friend Safari, maybe in-game…

just curious, why does the marill egg not hatch into azurill?