Really need a Delta Ditto

Trading Name: Nukr1000

Offer: Haxorus holding Haxorite/ Shiny Deino/ Delta Crustle (Fairy) Lonely, near perfect IV/ Shiny Cubone

Request: Delta Ditto (Really badly need to breed a good Delta Pikachu)

Further info: It would help a lot if someone had a spare Delta Ditto to give up, as the GTS kinda sucks and I want to have Delta Pikachu on my playthrough team. Thanks. Available pretty much any time

Have you defeat the Elite Four and have the Hiking Boots?

No, I want to breed a good Delta Pikachu for my playthrough (before the E4). I know all about the scientist’s quest for delta Ditto and Gaea Town.

Then im sorry, i also havent defeated the E4.

I can lend you a delta ditto for a bit

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Hey man! That’d be awesome! Hit me up when you’re ready

whats your trading name


says you arent online

hol up

mine is just Soko

yeah, I’m sending you one. I’m online rn

when d’you want it back?

whenever youre done with it

Aight man, thanks a lot

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