Re-encountering Deltas?

(Of course this happens to me with the one time I forget to save) So I was on my way to catch all the deltas that were currently in the game, one of them being Delta Bergmite. And being the idiotic person I am, I went straight into the battle without doing any research on it, and whaddaya know it learns Roar and fled. Now I usually save my game when it comes to encountering rare Pokemon, but of course I just had to forget with this specific one. Now my question is, will there ever be a way to re-encounter deltas? (Like doing the Elite Four over again) Or am I forever screwed?

I am wondering the same thing. Not because I killed them, but because I want shiny deltas but have the patience of a pebble with ADHD, so I want to be able to catch deltas when I have the shiny charm

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The deltas(other than the ones encounter-able in hidden grottos) were planned to be unique encounters, so unless the devs decide differently for 1.2 you won’t be able to catch delta bergmite again :confused:

You can try trading for one though, some people might not care for delta bergmite.