Rayquomi recolors

greninja recolor
Rayqyomi-1.png (2) Rayqyomi-1.png (1) Rayqyomi-1.png (3)
shiny rayquaza recolor
demon rayquomi
006_1-1.png-2.png (2) 006_1-1.png-2.png (1) 006_1-1.png-2.png

latios and latias recolor
380-3.png 380-1.png (1)

deactivated robot rayquomi
Rayqyomi-1.png (14)-1.png
robot rayquomies
Rayqyomi-1.png (15) Rayqyomi-1.png (14) Rayqyomi-1.png (13)
ghost rayquomi
Rayqyomi-1.png (17)

physic rayquomi
Rayqyomi-1.png (16)
lifeless rayquomi
Rayqyomi-1.png (8)
zeraora recolor
380-2.png (1)
zygarde 100% recolor
380-1.png (5) 380-1.png (4) 380-1.png (3) 380-1.png (2)
yeveltal recolor
380-1.png (10) 380-1.png (9) 380-1.png (8) 380-1.png (7)
zacien recolor
Rayqyomi-1.png (22) Rayqyomi-2.png
zamezenta recolor
Rayqyomi-1.png (21) Rayqyomi-1.png (18)
arctic recolor
Rayqyomi-1.png (26) Rayqyomi-1.png (25) Rayqyomi-1.png (24)
yeveltal opposite color recolor
380-1.png (6)
gif of my reolors


Tf is rayquomi?

it is a fusion boss pokemon in pokemon empyrean… both of the rayquomi recolors were commissioned by someone on the discord.

fusion boss in empyrean iirc
On a different note happy bday

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you read my p-empyrean playthro didnt you…

i created many more raquomies(all my rayquomies are commissioned my someone else by the way)

ik who

then guess?

greninja the rayqoumi


also… wrong post

Finally here they all are epic!!

hi… so tell me if you want any other recolors

Umm yeah I was thinking for recolors like zeraora, any grass themed one with light green and one of zygare colors and the 100% can be like one sied aurora is red and other is blue to match the 2 cores

will do tommorow… got to go to karate class today

i predicted the future

Ok :slight_smile:

2 more types of rayquomies created

one more after that

its OU