Rayquomi Got Infested By Necrozma

This time in search of light energy, Necrozma has infested on The One who was born on the Path Of Stars…Rayquomi!

Made this form change just coz I Remembered that Rayquomi was born In Path Of Stars and I thought about the light Energy. So yeah I made it.

This one took me long coz of 2 things

  1. I had my maths exam
  2. Necrozma is very complex being
    Thats all



Do you actually play insrugence or are you just an empryean fan?

Hi I do play insurgence but I post arts of rayquomi from empryean lol

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he has yet to play empyrean iirc

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ soo why rayquomi.

Wynaut? It’s cute/cool.

it also murders your dreams

I love its design thats why
I am also working on
Spoiler: 2 Data Types! (⊙_⊙;)

Fine, cute, cool and obscenely stronk. That work for you?

i still can not see any redeeming qualities. But thats just me huh.

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eh everyone has their tastes