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is it good

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usually excadrill is better w/ a sand team & w/ sand rush

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he’s my sweeper

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i ue toxic spikes and bc of toxipex ability if it hits a poisoned pokemon it’s always a crit


Not worth it. Normal Bulky Pex is better cuz low SpA. Also WishTect is better than RestTalk. And you should run Leftovers and Mystical Fire over RestTalk on Sylveon. Use SD, King’s Shield, CC, and Sneak with Leftovers on Aegi. Blaziken runs LO, and Flare Blitz/Blaze Kick. SD is better than BU here. Why Berry Juice? Why not Sitrus Berry? Also, Shuckle is a support mon, run Webs, SR, Toxic, Infestation.

ok thx

wat moves?

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fixed it