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Rate this guy team for reasons

Since i don’t know his team’s moveset and he want to challange the devs hard difficulty without healing also i can’t rate his team, i hope someone can rate it.

Kyogre (Blue orb)
Giratina (Crystal piece)
Groudon (Red orb)
Arceus (Crystal piece)
Rayquaza (That thing that heal you based from the damage that you dealing
Regigigas (Crystal piece)

They all max level except for regigigas which is underlevel (101 or something). He a brute force type of guy so he only use damage dealing move on every single of his mons.

It is an ok team, in terms of just strength, but do you mean not using any healing items at all? That is practically impossible unless you have healing moves on the pokemon to use, but I don’t think that is the case as I don’t think that they can learn those moves. Regigigas is incredibly underleveled so that will be a problem, at the very least it should be 115, but that is only if it isn’t possible to get it to 120. This ‘brute force’ strategy probably will not work without having loads of healing items on hand, as it seems that the pokemon that he has chosen are quite slow and with therefore have to take a hit before they dish out some real damage. For rayquaza’s item, swap out the shell bell for leftovers as it is more reliable and will almost always heal more than the shell bell. Overall, I rate this team with 4 or 5/10 if there won’t be any healing at all.

When i say not healing i mean he can use item but only in battle and he limited himself to 7 full restore, 7 revival herb and 7 max ether (i watched it). He did it out of sheer luck his sheer cold succesfully hits 3 out of 5 time in one occasion.