Rate my team

name. level, attack, defense, spatk, spdef, speed, ability, item, moveset

  • Swampert 67. 159/129/133/147/81 Torrent. Sea Incense. custom grass/hydro cannon/earthquake/muddy water

  • Tyranitar 68. 200/231/137/203/108 Sand Stream. Tyranitar Armor. Crunch/earthquake/chip away/iron defense.

  • Haxorus 64. 204/132/112/102/127 Rivalry. Dragon Fang. Dragonclaw/Dragonpulse/Dragondance/slash

  • D Venasaur 65. 139/132/153/151/114 Psycho Call. D Venasaurite. Psychoboost/calmmind/psychic/Hypnosis

  • Typlosion 65. 146/137/178/136/127 Blaze. Typhlosionite. Return/quickattack/Flamethrower/BlastBurn

  • D Bisharp 60. 155/141/79/98/92 Frisk. nothing. Agility/Highjumpkick/Blazekick/Acrobatics

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Rule 1 : You cant have two megas in team

Ig you should change the moveset for D.Venusaur

D.Venusaur @D.Venusaurite
Calm Mind
Moon Blast
Shadow Ball

I like to have hypnosis so I can spam calm mind for a psycho shock but ill try this out!
I keep two Megas cause its good coverage but I’ll try using one mega and give the other a item thanks for the suggestions