Rate my team

So here’s my planned team for insurgence(first time)So please suggest
(Note- I love my starter and will not switch it)
D. Charizard w d.charizardinite
.shadow ball
.shadow sneak
.Dragon pulse
.lunar cannon

Typhlosion w typhlosionite
.lava plume

Swampert w swampertite
.aqua tail
.aqua jet

D.gallade w d.galladite
.ice punch
. Psycho cut
. Nuzzle

Delta treevenant (no item)
.sacred sword
.play rough

Crobat (No item)
.cross poison
.brave bird
? Stands for “I don’t know what to put there so help please”
This team is just in-game, not competitive.
Thank you in advance.

Guys pls reply

Thanks alot

Also, how do you get waterfall in insurgence?

Waterfall isn’t a TM or HM in this game. (A future update may add it if you weep to Rocket loud enough.)

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Thanks for telling :frowning:

Plus, I checked and u can’t get u turn till post game.
Any other ideas or should I swap one of my Pokemon?

I have no problem with breeding. Thanks a ton bro

How did you get aqua jet on Swampert? I know insurgence has given some extra breed moves to some pokemon but I wasn’t aware that Swampert could get aqua jet. Also I would say try to breed avalanche for Swampert in place of aqua tail (if you can still keep aqua jet). The priority physical aqua jet with stab boost should be enough for a water move, and avalanche will hit particularly hard and offer extra coverage as most of the time Swampert will go second. For the 4th skill, you could go for curse to boost him, or perhaps hammer arm.

Well I guess I must have misread it but whitetiger already gave a good moveset for swampert

Ok, I was browsing through the wiki and found out that delta snorlax and normal gardevoir have a lot of scope on my team.
Can anyone please give me suggestions to whether I should include them in my my team or not? If I should, who should I replace?

Delta trevenant is a fairy / fighting type. Not a grass type

Somebody pls reply. I have my team on hold and would really like to continue with the game


I beg
someone to answer

Should I use delta snorlax in game


i would get rid of d.gallade and get normal gardevoir mine has worked wonders and can wipe whole teams if used rigth mine is
Gardevoir item.leftovers
Calm Mind
Draining Kiss
Stored Power
all these play in to each other and it relies on Gardevoirs sp.d tankyness and how lucky your hypnosis is cause if you fully calm mind and stored power one shot like any pokemon even if not super effective

this is how stored power works
Stored Power has variable power depending on the total amount of positive stat stages the user has accumulated. When the user has no positive stat changes, Stored Power’s base power is 20. Its power increases by 20 for each positive stat stage the user has in any stat, and does not decrease in power due to any negative stat stages. It can reach a maximum power of 860 (20 + 20 × ( 7 × 6 ), if all seven stats (Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, evasion, and accuracy) are at their maximum stage.

Hey I just got mewand am thinking of adding it to the team.should I? If yes, please prescribe a moveset