Rate My Team

Hi, I’m not really sure about my in game team and want to know how to make it better. Make Any changes you thing would improve

Delta Charizard - Mega stone - Spirit Call -Lunar Cannon -Shadow sneak -Dragon pulse -Shadow ball

Delta Gardevoir - Focus sash - Lightningrod -Calm Mind -Tunderbolt -Tunder -Ice beam

Tyranitar- Armour - Sand Stream -Earthquake -Dark pulse -Crunch -Payback

Feraligatr- Life orb - Torrent -Earthquake -Custom Move -Superpower -Ice Fang

Mew - Synchronize -Psychic -Ancient power -Dazzling gleam -Amnesia

Hydreigon - Levitate -Hyper Voice -Flamethrower -Dragon Pluse -Outrage

lunar cannon most of time isn’t very reliable so I suggest giving it flame thrower for coverage Gardevoir’s thunder can also be taken out for something like psychic or moonblast tyranitar should have stone edge instead of dark pulse mew could use much better coverage moves of your choice instead of amnesia and ancient power hydreigon could use dark pulse in place of outrage

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