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Rate my team


Arceus with crystal piece. Extreme speed, Judgement, Cosmic power, Recover.

Giratina with crystal piece. Aura sphere, Shadow ball , Dark matter, Dragon pulse.

Regigas with crystal piece. Ice punch, Thunder punch , Fire punch, Crush grip.

Kyogre with blue orb. Origin pulse, Ice beam , Tunder, Calm mind

Groudon with red orb. Precipice blades , Lava pulme, Hammer arm, Eruption

Rayquaza with life orb. Dragon ascent, V-Create , Outrage , Dragon dance.

In my opinion this the most powerful team in the game because everyone can mega evolve in the same fight. I have 6 top tier legendaries and all of them in their megas in a single fight is just unbeatable. The only flaw that this team has is that its super late game and you cant get it until you finished the story. I managed to beat every end game activity with this team like dev island and battle frontier. Its an extremely powerful and fun team and i suggest trying it.


It is extremely hard to see any synergy here at all. I would consider making a three-type core first (see here: and using 2 pokemon in this list for utility etc.


It is indeed true i dont have any grass type moves but man this team is so overpowered. Try it and you will see nothing can beat you.


No, having 6 Primals doesn’t make the team good. For one, Primal Groudon is your only Xerneas check and it’s an offensive set so it doesn’t even do that well. You have no hazards so you can’t punish switches and no hazard removal so they are going to stay up the whole game. It is strong in game because nobody else has more than one of these at once and they are AIs. The second you bring this into a PvP match with a half-decent team you will get steamrolled.


I also need help. Im right now at whirl islands.

Lv 56 Delta Mega Venasuar: Item: Venasuarite Moveset: Moonlight, Calm Mind, Moonblast, And Physic

Delta Gardevoir level 52 Item Luck Egg Moveset: Calm Mind, Shock Wave, Ice Beam, And Charge Beam

Delta Scyther lvl 51 Item: None Moveset: Hail, Icicle Crash, Night Slash, and False Swipe

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