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Excadrill The Haxorus

Leftovers (Mold Breaker)

252 Attack/252 Speed/ 6 HP/ Jolly

-Dragon Dance

-Dragon Claw


-False Swipe (Ignore it, I use it as a catcher)

Azure the D. Gallade

@Air Balloon (Volt absorb)

252 Attack/252 Speed/ 6 Special Defense/ Adamant


-Leaf Blade

-Icicle Crash

-Swords Dance

Sky the Talonflame

@Choice Scarf (Gale Wings)

252 Attack/ 252 Speed/ 6 Special defense/ Adamant

-Brave Bird

-Flare Blitz


-Flame Charge

Chiffron the D. Bisharp

@Air gem (Wind Force)

-Drain Punch

-Power up Punch


-Blaze kick

Jim the Kricketot

@Crystal Piece (Shed Skin)

Literally no EVs/ Naughty



-Struggle Bug

-Uh, he’s not high enough level to get a fourth move yet.

Silver the Eevee

@Eevite (Jolly)

252 attack/ 252 speed/ 6 HP/ Jolly

-Leaf Blade

-Flare Blitz

-Volt Tackle

-Foul Play

Replace either Dragon Claw or Outrage on Haxorus with Earthquake. It gives you better coverage.

Talonflame doesn’t need a Choice Scarf. Run Choice Band.

Replace either Earthquake or Leaf Blade on Delta Gallade with Wild Charge.

Mega Eevee runs special better than physical.

0/10 because of that horrid Gallade. Trade that away immediately to me someone to improve team.

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I feel like your team need to be more built around Jim, as he is the offensive power house of this team it seems. Try seeing if you can get some baton passes going for him so he can show off his true power.


Ah I see. I’ll probably build the rest of the team around him as a sweeper instead of a support. He is truly a hero. He’s the Pokemon we need, but not the one we deserve.

What is this xD !?! how can a kricketot team be competitive !?! If you managed to win the E4 rematch with that, then respect…

Maybe I did win the rematch with it :wink: