Rate my team pls :P

Ok, please rate my team. It is quite offense oriented, but please tell me if you suggest any changes

Delta Gallade: Item-king's Rock, Ability- Volt Absorb, Nature- Adamant, Moves- Icicle crash, Ice Shard, Livewire, Thunder Punch.

Delta Chandelure: Item- Expert Belt, Ability- Weak Armor, Nature- Timid, Moves- Flamethrower, Moonblast, Wish, Energy Ball

Delta Golem: Item- Leftovers, Ability- Regenerator, Nature- Lax, Moves- Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Zen Headbutt, Hammer Arm

Delta Haxorus: Item- Life Orb, Ability- Strong Jaws, Nature- Adamant, Moves- Crunch, Ice Fang, Heavy Slam, Aqua Tail

Delta Hydreigon: Item- Life Orb, Ability- Intoxicate, Nature- Naive (I accidentally saved without checking nature cri), Moves- Hyper Voice, Dark Pulse, Earth Power, Tri Attack

Flygon: Item-Flygonite, Ability- Amplifier(mega :P), Nature- Modest, Moves- Boomburst, Drakon Voice, Ancient Roar, Bug Buzz

There, pls tell me how it is :P

Your sets are fine. However, you have a slight issue in the fact that anything with decent ground type move can beat your entire team. While not limited to these two, they’re the examples you’ll see most- literally every single dragon dance sweeper and scarf/sand rush excadrill will ohko or 2hko your entire team for little cost. There’s nothing that can be done about it if they start.

Right you are… Any suggestions for counters to ground type?

Landorus-t, skarmory, and gliscor work decently.

I don’t have access to Landorus rn, cri. So I think I’ll try gliscor, though it lacks the countering ground types part. Like it can switch in to it, but can;t really kill it I believe. Idk

It’s a decent bulky attacker tbh. Should get you through most of the sand E4.

my delta trevant can wipe that team

I’m not sure how it can do much against hippowdon, delta hydreigon, and aegislash but I appreciate the information! :smile:

hydrogen moon blast aegislash earthquake hippowdon I guess leaves me switching into greninja

Could you show me a screenshot of your delta trevenant moveset? Really interested. Will be waiting for it!

uh oh um we might have a problem with that see I traded my delta trevant for a melloetta since I fainted mine

though I do have a trevant that bred using the trevant you wanted to see

Just wanted to see its moves tbh

huh how can I show you the move set if I don’t have delta treavant you want too see

the moves it had on it were close combat moonblast earthquake toxic