Rate my Team(Demo finished)

Give me a X/10 for my team.

Delta Blastoise(Lvl 80.) Item:Expert Belt/Delta Blastoisite Moves:Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Nasty Plot, Dragon Pulse.

Feraligatr(Lvl 80) Item: Choice Band/Feraligatite Moves: Aqua Tail, Ice Fang( Will replace with Ice Punch if I can get it) Crunch, Agility(Will also replace with something, don’t know with what.)

Typhloshion(80) Item: Tyhploshionite/???(Don’t know what I should have for him) Moves:Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Flame Charge(Will replace) Eruption

D. Gallade(Lvl. 80) Item: D. Galladite/Life Orb Moves: Swords Dance, Icicle Crash, Wild Charge, Psycho Cut.

Marowak(Lvl 80) Item:Thick Club/Marowite Moves:Bonemerang(Will Replace with earthquake once I can) Thrash, Headbutt, Ghost Custom move(For Megawak)

Archeops(lvk 80) Item:None/???(Don’t know what else) Moves: Acrobatics(Want to replace so that I can give him an item) Rock Slide, Dragon Claw, U-Turn.

There. Rate it and make any suggestions you want. BTW, I don’t plan on replacing my pokemon. However, I have a Rotom I could use if need be.(I’d be happy using it.)

EDIT: I replaced Agillity on Feraligatr with Draco Jet.

If you’re going to do competitive, I recommend only having one mega stone in use.

I’m not planning to do competetive, by the way, I do plan only having one in use. I have the mega stones listed if I do use that one, and the other item if im not using that one’s mega.

Your D. Blastoise would work well with a mega stone, cuz y’know mega launcher. Also, I find it weird that mega launcher is on M.D. Blast., because it doesn’t have any kind of cannon.

So do you think I should use D. Blastoise as my usual mega? True, then again, it’s probs why they made it dark fighting thanks anyway :slight_smile: