Rate my team and help me with it?

I have three gym badges my current team is.

  1. lvl 60 Eevee with neutral nature, he knows Thunderbolt, Moonblast, Ice Beam and Foul Play plus has the mega stone.
  2. lvl 66 Haxorus with jolly nature, he knows Dragon claw, Outrage, Dragon Dance and Dual chop.
  3. lvl 60 Alakazam with modest nature, he knows Calm mind, Psychic, PsyBeam and Future Sight.
  4. lvl 60 Blaziken with adamant nature, he knows Flare Blitz, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut and Bulkup
  5. lvl 55 Liligant with modest nature, she knows Synthesis, Quiver Dance, Petal Dance and Petal Blizzard.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Haxorus, Alakazam, and Lilligant all have redundant moves. Remove Dual Chop, Psybeam, and Petal Blizzard and replace them with coverage moves.

Other than that I don’t see any glaring weaknesses in your team.

Haxorus: Haxorus is one of the Pokemon with shallowest elemental coverage (in Insurgence) with limited TM and tutors. To use any other element beside Dragon and Normal, you need to breed your Haxorus. I actually prefer Dual Chop more than Dragon Claw. Dual Chop has the luxury of killing Focus Sash/Sturdy users and damaging Substitute users. Other than that, if you want to breed, Poison Jab and Earthquake is a good coverage move to hit Fairy and Steel types.

Alakazam: In Insurgence, because of limited TM, Alakazam has very shallow movepool. Dazzling Gleam can be used to hit another Psychic types neutrally and Dark types super effectively. You will get TM Dazzling Gleam after your next gym.

Blaziken: Blaze Kick is kinda useless. If you want a recoil-less Fire move, use Flame Charge instead. Flame Charge is not as strong as Blaze Kick, but it will raise your speed. Sky Uppercut is okay to hit jumping opponents, but later it can be switched into Drain Punch. However, you will get TM Drain Punch much later.

Lilligant: Lilligant is a good special attacker with Quiver Dance. However, it only learns Grass type moves as damaging moves (bar Dream Eater via unobtainable TM). One tip of using Lilligant is, don’t evolve too soon. Petal Dance can be exchanged with Giga Drain for potion-free recovery and removing auto-confuse, but the power drop is very noticeable. Petal Blizzard MUST be removed as Lilligant has very little physical attack and no reliable way to boost it. The last move can be Leech Seed, as more passive recovery, or Sleep Powder. Sleep Powder is more preferred here as Sleep Powder can be used to help catching Pokemon and setting up Quiver Dance.

Last note: I kinda like your shallow coverage team. It gives a new type of challenge to try.

actually my Blaziken has speed boost ability plus i am thinking of replacing Alakazam any other options for a good replacement for Alakazam? Plus i understand about Haxorus’s shallow move pool in this game n i will replace Petal Blizzard and for last move i will choose sleep powered for my Liligants.

Actually, Alakazam can learns Charge Beam. It is good for coverage while boosting its Special Attack. Later when you have Dive, you can also get Energy Ball Tm, which Alakazam can also learns.

only problem i am having with Alakazam is that he dies a lot.

For fast sweeper like Alakazam or Gengar, it is kill or be killed. If you need bulkier special attacker, you can use Gardevoir. It has STAB Dazzling Gleam and can learn Thunderbolt. It special defense is quite good so it can switch into any special attack (maybe even super effective one if you’re overlevelled) and set up Calm Mind + Hyper Potion.

The only thing you’ll lose in Gardevoir is its speed is significantly lower than Alakazam.

hmmmmm Gardevoir sounds a better choice since Alakazam n Gengar get 1HKO’D a lot which is rather annoying if you ask me. Btw where can i get a good flying type?

In the power farm: delta bisharp is really good and his mega just broken

I agree with DBisharp. Mega DBisharp has absurdly high attack and speed. If you don’t PvP, definitely go for it. Even non-mega DBisharp is still good.

In case you play with purity mode (which can be because there are no deltas on your team), I suggest you get a Steel/Flying or Water/Flying or any other combination as long as it is not weak against Ice. You already have 2 Pokemon that weak against Ice and you should not increase that number.

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