Rate my random team

So this is my team Pre-6th badge.

D. Aggron (Life Orb) - Adamant/Drought - 70 - Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Iron Head, Flame Charge

D. Gardevoir (Life Orb) - Modest/Lightning Rod - 70 Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Livewire, Thunderbolt

Nidoking (Black Sludge) - Modest/Sheer Force - 70 Earth Power, Ice Beam, Sludge Wave, Stealth Rocks

D. Charizard (D. Charizardite) - Modest/Spirit Call - 70 Dragon Pulse, Dragon Breath, Lunar Cannon, Shadow Ball

D. Bulbasaur (Leftovers) - Modest/Psycho Call - 70 Calm Mind, Moonblast, Moon Light, Psychic

D. Metagross (Ruin) (Weakness Policy) - Jolly/Sturdy - 70 Stone Edge, Diamond Storm, Growth, Rock Polish

  1. D Charizard doesn’t need Dragon Breath. Give it Frost Breath instead
  2. Give Nidoking a Life Orb. As long as the move you’re using gets a Sheer Force boost, Life Orb will not give up recoil.
  3. D Bulbasaur really should evolve into D Venusaur.
  4. You’ll want some non-Rock attacks for Metagross. Give it Seed Bomb and Gunk Shot over Stone Edge and Growth
  5. Just know that’s Weakness Policy is consumed upon use and you’ll need to replace it every time it’s used.