Rate my New Moon Team

I’ve theorycrafted a New Moon team. I guess it could be used competitively but really I’m making it for in-game play (Already beat the Elite Four for the second time, final challenges are the Devs and Battle Frontier) Any suggestions to improve the team?

Spiritomb @ Dark Rock Ability: Noctem EVs: 255 HP / 255 Atk Adamant Nature

  • Sucker Punch
  • Knock Off
  • Revenge
  • Will-o-Wisp

Spiritomb is my New Moon setter, has Sucker Punch for priority, Revenge for coverage, and Knock Off for STAB. Will-o-Wisp to cripple the physical attackers. It is decently bulky so it can switch in and out to reset weather or hit/cripple foes.

D. Volcarona @ D. Volcarona Armor Ability: Absolution EVs: 255 Sp.Atk / 255 Spd Timid Nature

  • Dark Pulse/Lunar Cannon
  • Sludge Wave
  • Aura Sphere
  • Thunderbolt

Beastly all-out attacker, insane Sp.Atk under Absolution should nuke almost anything with my perfect coverage. Dark Pulse for functionality outside of new Moon. Pretty good Defenses too with the armor. Would be using Roost except Full Restore outclasses it :slight_smile:

D. Blaziken @ No item Ability: Gale Wings EVs: 255 Spd / 255 Atk Adamant Nature

  • Acrobatics
  • Zen Headbutt
  • Superpower
  • Hone Claws

Talonflame 2.0. Priority acrobatics makes it good for revenge killing, Zen Headbutt and Superpower for coverage. Hone Claws for when you get a chance to set-up( Hone Claws is like Swords Dance under new Moon)

D. Typhlosion @ D. Typhlosionite Ability: Lightningrod/Supercell EVs: 255 Sp.Atk / 255 Spd Timid Nature

  • Thunderbolt
  • Flash Cannon
  • Dark Pulse
  • Energy Ball

Borked all-out attacker number two, Supercell grants it 1.5x special attack under New Moon. Tbolt and flash cannon for STABS, Dark Pulse is boosted under New Moon and Energy Ball for coverage.

Keldeo @ Choice Specs Ability: Justified EVs: 255 Spd / 255 Sp.Atk Timid Nature

  • Scald
  • Hydro Pump
  • Secret Sword
  • Icy Wind

Wallbreaker. Spam scald to get burns, Hydro Pump if necessary for the extra damage. Secret Sword is secondary STAB and killing specially bulky Pokemon, Icy Wind for coverage and lowering speed.

D. Metagross (Ruin) @ Life Orb Ability: Rock Head EVs: 255 Spd / 255 Atk Jolly Nature

  • Hone Claws/Rock Polish
  • Wood Hammer
  • Earthquake
  • Head Smash

Metagross Ruin is here to spam op STABs and setup if possible. Hone Claws will fix iffy accuracy/boost attack to hilarious levels, and Rock Polish lets it sweep.

That’s my New Moon Team! I should probably be running more than one New Moon setter, but I have no idea where to put it. Have any thoughts? Thanks for reading.

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Nice.But typhloson has no physical move,why ev train 252 on attck then?

hone claws choice band? don’t feel too gud bout’ that. Looks good from the first look but I feel like you just put in the OP poke’s. Don’t know much bout’ competitive, though it looks good to me at first glance.

Replace either Phantom Force or Revenge on Spiritomb with Knock Off. Dual STAB is unnecessary because Ghost and Dark have similar coverage so I’d probably replace Phantom Force.

Replace Thunderbolt on Delta Volcarona with Corrode. It helps with Steels which resist your more powerful attacks (Klefki, Lucario, Cobalion, etc.) while Thunderbolt doesn’t help against much. Since Corrode gives Steel coverage replace Aura Sphere with Hyperspace Hole for hitting other Poisons.

Replace Delta Regice with Keldeo. It’s an actual sweeper which can also abuse New Moon + Surf and helps against opposing Dark types who try to tank Dark attacks/use New Moon.

Dazzling Gleam doesn’t do anything on Delta Typhlosion. Replace it with Energy Ball or HP Fire (for actual competitive play).

Thank you for your suggestions! I have made edits accordingly. I do want to keep Delta Regice for its better bulk since I am already using 2 special sweepers, and Delta Regice is appealing to me for its exclusiveness to Insurgence. If I use Hyperspace Hole + Dual Stabs on D. Volcarona, I am missing out on opposing D. Volcaronas as well as Tyranitar, which now counters me.

Delta Regice is more of a tank than a sweeper, so using it wastes New Moon turns. I suppose you’re right about Tyranitar, so keep Dual STABs + Aura Sphere. (I was thinking about Mega Venusaur and Protect Mega Diancie but I guess those aren’t too much of a threat)

Your team looks very strong, nice job. Personally I would pick M-D Charizard over M-D Typhlosion just to have an additional Noctem setter, but that is personal preference really.

I know the wiki says that Surf gets powered up in New Moon but based on the testing I have done in 1.2.x, its power actually gets reduced by about 50% under New Moon compared to normal weather. Is this something you’ve encountered as well? If so, Hydro Pump is probably a better bet on whatever Water mon you end up choosing.

Yeah,As of my knowledge,new moon boosts dark type moves by 1.5

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That is very strange but yeah, you’re right! I just tested it and Surf seems to do less under New Moon. Somebody should definitely show that on the wiki. I suppose it makes a bit of sense, considering that low tides are at their lowest during a new moon irl. But high tide is at its highest and this also happens in full moon…

Yeah it is a bit strange - maybe they planned to boost it initially but changed their minds? I have updated it in the two spots on the wiki now.

No, the tides are higher during both new moons and full moons. They are lowest at the quarter moons, so Surf should do more damage.

Yes that’s right, tides are more extreme under a full or new moon. Since the move Surf is basically a forced tidal wave, you would expect it to do more damage under New Moon, but currently it does less damage than in normal weather.

It would be great to know more about the reasoning behind the decision to reduce Surf’s power under New Moon in Insurgence.

So Delta Electivire gets Shadow Dance? Huh. Do you guys think he is worth using?

Yes, I have just got to the point in the game where you get one and have trained one up. Since he can outspeed just about anything under Noctem but his attack is strong without being amazing, I think an Adamant, Choice Banded one works well (and has done for me so far). Moveset would be something like:

Stone Edge/Rock Slide

Dragon Claw/Outrage



How does New Moon affect Surf? I didn’t know

I’m unsure if it’s decrease or increase.

reduces, yeah

Other good conpanions on a moon team:

Delta roserade and delta electrivire: Shadow dance makes them fast and their high special and physical attacks deal absurd damage with specs and band

Mega bisharp: Sucker punch and knock off get boosted with new moon, and its a pretty good mega too.

Delta blastoise: non mega shadow dance blastoise is pretty strong and its mega its pretty good, without mentioning their one turn STAB lunnar cannon.

Mega spiritomb: Spiritomb makes himself a noctem boost and that combined with its Strong attack stat can be pretty interesting, sadly enough it has no good STAB ghost moves other than phantom force or shadow claw.

Other than that, Your team is awesome!