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Rate my M. Donphan team

Serp can get +2 or set a sub versus support Starmie, and this:
252 SpA Serperior Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Keldeo: 320-378 (99 - 117%) – 93.8% chance to OHKO.

Also, Serp outspeeds and gets 2HKOd by Secret Sword, and if you have the SubSeed set, it can be a nuisance. The sweeper set might be more useful, tho IDK.

I think Celebi is doing fine here. But who am I to tell?

i replaced se on d bish with shadow claw, and np on celebi with cm

I think Stone Edge might have been better, though Shadow Claw gives perfect Neutral coverage.

yeah i was just having a lot of problems with psychic types once heatrans down

and my gengar :smiling_imp:

I think mine is better :smirk:

yes it is