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Rate a struggling sand team


firstly team is still in game, so improvements are slow but any pointers or suggestions as to balancing and improvement are greatly appreciated!

D. Typhlosion --lvl:78 EVs :255 Sp.Atk/ 255 Spd Item: (open for now) – Ability:Motor Drive – Nature: Bashful(meh)

*Livewire *Flash Cannon *Dazzling Gleam *Thunderbolt

Special Stirker of the team sets up Livewire because its kinda broken. 2 STAB moves and Dazzling Gleam for some coverage.

D. Reuniclus --lvl:77 EVs :125 HP/125 Def/135 Sp.Atk/125 Sp.Def Item: leftovers – Ability:cursed body – Nature: Brave (not what’cha want)

*Hex *Giga Drain *Ancient Power *Pain Split

moveset still needs some refining, but this slow boi provides a nice switch in immunity to those dastardly fighting moves that are so mean to rock/steel. Hex in combination with D.typhlosion setting up live wire is a cute combo. gigadrain for some weakness coverage, ancient power just cus its a STAB special rock move, Pain split is only helpful if you predict a heavy hit so psychic might be a replacement.

D.Snorlax --lvl:76 EVs :55 HP/200 Atk /255 Def Item: leftovers – Ability:Overcoat – Nature: Lonely (it works)

*Wood Hammer *Yawn *Ingrain *Earthquake

another slowboi, mainly for coverage, yawn to help facilitate setups and switches, ingrain not so much but it offers a little healing. this one defiantly could use some improvement.

Tyranitar --lvl:78 EVs :some kinda mess needs to be cleaned Item: Ttar armor – Ability:Sand Stream – Nature: Naive(not that helpful)

*Power-Up Punch *Stone Edge *Crunch *Earthquake

As the sand setter this dudes pretty central to the team, current set up is physical could respec to make it mixed for optimal coverage.

Garchomp–lvl:77 EVs: 255 Atk/ 255 Spd Item: Life Orb – Ability:Sand Veil – Nature: Naive (it works)

*Slash *Dragon Claw *Dig *Swords Dance

glass cannon physical hitter, sticking with the trend this one likes the sand too. Dig and Slash move slots should probably be optimized.

Currently seeking a 6th member Skarmory, Scizor, and Mawile are some that i’ve personally thought might fit. as of now the team is challenged by grass and fighting types, but at least checks everything else, from what i’ve noticed.


Delta Typhlosion isn’t great in sand. It’s Mega is great in rain or darkness (I use M.D. Typhlosion on my New Moon team) but it carries a 4x Ground weakness. Any Rotom type would be a good alternative, as it is an electric type that can learn livewire and not be weak to ground. If you are going to keep it, teach it energy ball via TM instead of Dazziling Gleam to nail those ground types who will most likely OHKO you with a good earthquake.

Your two slow pokemon both take damage from sand, so they might each get whittled down quite a bit. It puts a lot of pressure on recovering health that without the weather you wouldn’t otherwise have.

In struggling to set up my own weather team around weather (new moon), I found that the 3 important things to remember about weather are this:

  1. The more pokemon that benefit from your weather, the better. If only one or two pokes benefit from your weather, than is it worth it for the good of your team?
  2. If you took the weather away, your team should still be able to function.
  3. Most important: experiment. I started off building my New Moon team around a Tyrantrum, now my superstar pokemon is a Delta Scyther. Don’t be afraid to try new things.


Thanks for the feedback! I was sticking with the Delta typhlosion because its steel typing let it ignore the sand damage but in a double battle it would be quite susceptible to friendly fire. the delta Reuniclus is rock/ghost and was actually the reason I chose to build the team (that lovely 50% Sp.Def boost to rock types). those 3 main points you made are quite useful I’ll do my best to institute them!