Randomizer solo run

the run is in easy mode

the only important items i found from the darkrai base was

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i chose gible as my starter

omg it has dragon rage

omg that nature thou!, and solid attack iv

we found a X speed 6

a hiker with a delta torterra and delta scollapied almost fainted my gible

andddd… i lost to the cultist’s delta lilligant

i won

seams like i am going to lose cause i can’t even dragon rage it

ohh… god the xerneas had ice beam… i lived on focus band

i lost… also i ment aurora beam not ice beam

defeated her the second time

ohh god no

i raged the creselia and his next mon is

it had moonblast… rip my life

i defeated him on my second try

cmon… why does this game love to throw legends at me

defeated the moltres

and new a hiker has a salamence