Randomizer Questions?

i’ve got 2 questions regarding randomizer mode.

1: what are all the pokemon that aren’t randomized, i know Eevee (starter), gifted pokemon (through Trade or like the Bonsly you’ll get in Helios) and pokemon bought from Eggs.

2: can you encounter Missing No., U.F.I. and Pokemon numbers 723, 724, 725 and 726 in the wild (the last four are the unused Legendaries)

also… i discovered a bug, if you let your safari balls run out and the go 1 step up or down in front of the gatekeeper, you’ll be able to get back into the safari zone with infinite steps.

UFI is not in the pool for randomizers at this time because at the release of 1.2 it was intended to be a surprise for completing the dex and 723 - 726 should never be available in the wild as they are scrapped mons

I don’t know what isn’t randomized as I haven’t played much in randomizers so sorry about that