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Randomizer Question

How does it work with Shadow Mewtwo in a randomized run and in general? Is it an item that transforms mewtwo into shadow mewtwo and you get to catch mewtwo right after CC? Would that item or that Mewtwo be randomized? Or can you catch Shadow Mewtwo as Shadow Mewtwo after CC even when randomzied? Is it possible to find Shadow Mewtwo as a wild encounter in a randomized run and it stays that way? Or if it’s an item can you find that item being carried by a random encouner? If so, what’s that item called? If you have answers please explain in detail around all of this please. :slight_smile:

I believe it’s treated as a separate encounter and separate forme. There is no item needed to transform it to Shadow or vice versa, you’d be able to find it as a wild encounter. You could do the CC, but I believe that the encounter would be randomized, so likely wouldn’t be worth it to go through 50 rounds of the CC only for a randomized encounter. You’d be able to encounter it in the wild normally.

Thank you! I guess I’ve just had kinda bad luck, some spevific Pokémon I’ve found like 5 times but some only once and probably some never and Shadow Mewtwo then just has to be one of them