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Randomizer Playthrough

i have started my randomizer game and already got a good team


im missing umbreon sprite

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Will you be posting updates of your randomizer? Or is this a question

yes i will

If you’re missing you’re umbreon sprite, you could try redownloading the game, but it doesn’t really matter tbh if its just one pokemon

ehem thx

oh i have it i was just testing out 3d sprites a while ago and forgot to put it back

i got a delta feebas and i can’t evo it ;-;

Boy thats a very interesting username “EdgyYeti”

yeah i had it for a while actually bc i made it a gamertag for some games

what have i done

game-r is a bad word?

Yes, ■■■■■


Lmao words like bitch aren’t censored but ■■■■■ is?

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asshat isnt censored either lol

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but gam-e and game-r are