Randomizer Nuzlocke Team

I just finished the Jaern battle and want some help revamping my team currently its
Mega Aggron, Swampert, Delta Trevenant, Kyurem, Delta Scrafty, and Flareon, what should I replace from out of the PC (The box is all the pokemon i have other than my team)


Delta dragonite is good and you should consider delta gard and octillery

delta gard i dont know about and octillery i dont know a moveset for and i dont know what to replace

Overheat plus contrary equals overpowered

ok is contrary a normal ability or hidden or what?

It is HA.


yeah i cant do that then at all

Octillery is actually one of my favorite Pokémon

If you could get the hidden abilities, Gale Wings Delta Blaziken would be almost too OP

that was the plan but ability capsule doesnt give hidden abilities

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Also, train that Delta Larvesta. Delta Volcorona is one of the best deltas in the game(at least i think so)

that was also the plan but my team isnt quite ready to jump to lvl 60 yet

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I just realised how much of a tank mega aggron is

Mega aggron does have the highest defense stat of all time

Not only that its only weak to 3 types and has filter that reduces super effective move damage so it tanks it has like 7 resistances it reduces damage from the moves that are super effective and has a base defense of 230

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The thing is most megas are broken af offensively no one cares about a defensive mega. That’s why Mega Aggron went mostly unused in the meta (at least i think that’s the reason)

yeah i didnt like mega aggron until i just looked at pokemondb but seriously fighting types would have NOTHING on mega aggron they are super effective but mega aggron is so tanky and has filter anything that does physical damage is useless especially since i have iron defense on it so the tank with more tankyness on top

i mean shuckle and m steelix also have base 230 def stats

bruh FILTER IS OP super effective attack could very easily be the death of you but filter reduces the damage of them