Randomizer - Items Not Randomized

I started a randomizer run and everything seems to be randomized except for the items. Is there a way I can randomize the items?

the items that are sold in essential shows like pokemon centers are not randomized. Items lying around in the overworld, hidden items, items you recieve from NPCs are all randomized. Try talking to the vendor next to the pokecenter in telnor town and see if she gives you 5 of something else instead of pokeballs.

None of the overworld items are randomized, and I tried talking to the lady and she just gave me pokeballs.

hmm, the only suggestion id have is restrarting the randomizer. It worked for me so maybe its just a random glitch OuO

Ah well, not a big deal. Thanks for the help though!

Ensure that you’re on 1.2.5, as items being randomized was only an addition in the most recent patch. You can check what version you’re playing on in your Trainer Card.