Randomizer for starters only

I just recently started to play the game and I’ve already messed around with the randomized mode, but I was wondering if maybe a feature should be included where just the three starters are random. I don’t know if others may share my opinion, but I feel like a part of pokemon that I’ve always liked is getting attached to my team, and the random starter may bring more appeal in that regard. The current random mode certainly makes things interesting, but sometimes it is a bit too interesting for me.

Personally, I would prefer the starters to be non legendaries and unevolved.

(Since I haven’t been around for long, I apologize in advance if others have mentioned it, or if there’s already a way to accomplish this).

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According to the Devs there will be some new randomizer options being added, so maybe there will be something like this. Also I know about the universal pokemon randomizer and if you don’t they allow you to do that, so check it out if you haven’t.

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Start a solorun challenge, pick your starter, forfeit challenge.

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I hadn’t really thought of that, thanks. It still would feel a bit more exciting with randomness, but I will be sure to use this for the time being.

I wasn’t aware of the universal randomizer, I’ll check it out. Thanks for enlightening me on that.

No problem, just know that to use it you have to have an emulator and ROM respectively.