Random trades

Trading Name:

Offer: random Pokémon

Request: random pokemon

Further info: Hey guys I am new to the game and I am really interested in the social aspect of the game. Since no one wonder trades any more I will be uploading on Gts different Pokémon from my run and in return I want anything you want to give or don’t need. Honestly I don’t care about the competitive aspect of the game so if you want I can give stuff like IV stones (if I find them).
Edit: Since GTS doesn’t work just leave a message here if you are interested to schedule the trade. Again no need to trade something good and no need to post what you offer I want it to be random.

…GTS doesn’t work. You just lost everything you put in there. It once at my Shiny Sableye

Oof thank God I only put there a level 10 shuckle. Then I will edit my post. Thanks for the heads up.

yw. Do you have a Delta Noibat/Noivern?

Unfortunately no dude, I recently started the game, I haven’t even got the first badge yet. Do you want to wonder trade by any chance. No need to send something good, just something unusual for the early game.

I’m interested. I still haven’t trade so I’m not sure how wonder trade even work but I like the idea of it. If you don’t mind I would like to wonder trade with you!

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Sure, just pick whatever you want and pick the wonder trade option. Just let me know when you are ready.

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I’m back. Ready

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