Ran from Delta Liepard

So, like the title suggests, after encountering Delta Liepard, I ran from it. Now that I’m actually ready to catch it, it doesn’t seem to be showing up anymore. Am I an idiot that locked myself out of catching it on this file?

If you saved before you can load a backup save file !

Sadly this was quite a while ago, all my backups have long since been replaced :confused:

Then yeah I think you’re out of luck. If it makes you feel better, I killed Zygarde because I didn’t realize it wasn’t a trainer battle, and realized what I did a couple days later lol I’m sure if you ask for someone to trade you one, you might be able to! Good luck!

Yeah, I kinda figured. Not sure why I didn’t just catch it, haven’t played since 1.7 and I straight-up forgot what I was even doing in the game since I haven’t played in so long. Thanks, in that case!

Set up a trade in the trade forum. I’d be willing to breed you one in exchange for any delta I don’t yet have or a single heart scale. Or a 5IV one for an IV stone.

Just traded for one actually. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to lock the threads, haha

Just mark the other dude as being the one who answered your question, since he did, and it shouldn’t get anymore replies unless someone feels like being funny.