R8 ma team

Pokemon 1: SeniorStab Aegislash Level 72 Item: Metal Coat Nature:Jolly Ability: Stance Change HP:195 Attack :101 Defense 236 Sp.Atk 89 SP.Def 240 Speed 104 Moves: Iron Head/Swords Dance/Sacred Sword/Night Slash

Pokemon 2: Dumpaladin Garbodor Level 72 Item: Black Sludge Nature: Bashful Ability: Stench HP:221 Attack :163 Defense 136 Sp.Atk 117 SP.Def 133 Speed 140 Moves: Dumpcalbur(custom move)/Sludge Bomb/Gunk Shot/Toxic

Pokemon 3: Lemur Donphan Level 73 Item: Metronome Nature: Sassy Ability: Sturdy HP:243 Attack :216 Defense 209 Sp.Atk 120 SP.Def 112 Speed 103 Moves: Magnitude/Earthquake/Rollout/Giga Impact

Pokemon 4: Bahamut D.Charizard Level 75 Item: D.Charizardite Nature: Impish Ability: Spirit Call HP:233 Attack :167 Defense 161 Sp.Atk 185 SP.Def 151 Speed 175 Moves: Dagon Pulse/Lunar Cannon/Shadow Ball/Hypa Beam

Feel free to leave suggestions for the two open team members.

Ya he’s in my "queue" Level 50 some

Others are typholosion azumarill d scizor, infernape zoroark and solosis

you should definitely choose typhlosion and one suggestion for garbodor make him max hp ev and make him learn the move Venoshock

I’d say Infernape and Zoroak. Great powerhouses. Solosis and Delta Scizor would be great too.

ya typholosion is defineltly the highest level of my mons.

Stopped using him when i found out taen used one too.

Don’t know why

I think you’re right although the reasons I took them out was mainly due to zoroark’s lack of decent level up moves and infernape not surviving with all the psychic types in end game. Always wanted reuniculus but d scizor has dreadfully low def(s)

I would say get Azumarill, you’ll want to have a water type on the team and the dual water/fairy is always nice.

haha been siked