Quicksave Function

I was using the quicksave hotkey (V) anytime I needed to save but after I exited the game and started again the only save I have was the one I did manually (pressing Esc and then htting save) and so I have lost all that I have done after that. What happen? Does the quicksave option not work? Do I need to press any specific key to get quicksaved game back?

You may have rebinded it. You’ll know if it worked properly if a floppy disc icon appears in the top left.

I does appear a floppy disc in the top left, it always appeared when I pressed V. I quicksaved, closed the game, and when I turned it on again the save file was back when I saved manually…

Weird. Only suggestion is to check whether you rebinded it just in case and redownload.

Now it’s working all of a sudden without me doing anything… Well thanks for all your help guys.