Quick Delta Sketches

A quick 1 minute sketch of Delta Gardevoir. Taking other delta sketch requests. :grinning:

  • Also, I’ve been wanting to get into Sprite making and I would like some tips and strategies on making them. *

One thing I can say about spriting is that you need inspiration, which can come at any time. If this happens, draw out the sprite’s design. THEN put it into sprite form. This will make it easier to plan out what you want. At least, it’s what I do. Next, make sure to use a 1x1 pixel brush with no transparent outline. This gives you precision with changes you make. As for color, that should come with the first design. Also, it will take more than one try to get the Sprite right. It can sometimes take days. But, keep on keeping on, and finish the sprite before you start a new one. Sorry for the long winded comment, and happy spriting!( oh yes, I love the drawing!)

Thanks, I love your sprites, they look amazing. I hope I can make some that look as good as yours. :slight_smile:

Updated Version of my sketch.