Questions about Rayquaza

I have two rather simple questions:

1.Is Rayquaza shiny-locked?

2.Is there a way to teach Rayquaza Dragon Ascent or is there another way for him to Mega Evolve?

  1. Nothing in this game is shiny locked.
  2. I believe that the event move tutor will most likely teach Dragon Ascent to Rayquaza.

Thanks, M8 I’m really determined to soft reset for a shiny Rayquaza

where is event move tutor?

No Man’s Land; Alpha Ruins.

And he appears after the Elite4 rematch, if you go to the Alpha Ruins before that he won’t be there

thank u

Pretty sure he was there before elite 4 rematch. I haven’t rematched and I already saw him as I was completing post-game stuff.

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