Questions about Mega Eevee - best nature and such

Hey guys,

Just wanted to clarify some things about M-Eevee, since I’m thinking about choosing him as my starter.

So, using it’s Mega Evolution, Eevee will get the base stats and abilities of his other forms, but the nature, IV and EV will be of the Eevee-base form, right? And while choosing an attack as a M-Eevee, to see who gets to attack first what counts is the Eevee-base form speed, not the speed of Jolteon, Espeon, Vaporeon, etc, right?

Then, what is the best nature, IV and EV for Eevee, since it’s frail and slow? Try to get him more bulky, with some defensive nature and high IV to defense and sp. defense? Or go all speed (timid or jolly, if we want to get a attacker or sp. attacker), to get the turn first?

Thanks in advance!

A little disclaimer: It´s only the M-Eevee i use, i don´t know if it´s good.

I use a Timid Eevee (I would always use a Eevee that lowers Attack) with EV in Speed and Sp.Attack

And for the Attacks:

  • Thunderboldt - Jolteon is one of the fastest Mons and has good Sp.Attack
  • Ice Beam - Glaceon has a decent Def/Sp.Def and a good Sp.Attack
  • Moonblast - Sylveon has good Sp.Def and good Sp.Attack
  • Fould Play - It uses the target’s Attack stat to calculate damage and Umbreon has good Def/Sp.Def

You get those Moves in Helios from a Move-Tutor


Actually how it works is Eevee changes forms and then its speed for that turn is decided based on the Eeveelution it turns into.


Thank you both :slight_smile: very informative, @1ofthe4rocketbros.

If the speed for that turned is not based on the Eevee-base form but the other evolutions, maybe a Timid/Modest nature is the best. I got this:

so, I’m pretty happy with out it turned out. Thanks guys, once again!

Frankly I’m not a fan of Foul Play on Mega Eevee- First of all, I don’t feel like it works (Audino training and the damage output increases steadily as I level up), and second I think Psychic is just a much better choice, as the option to change your ability to Magic Bounce whenever you want is pretty awesome to me.

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@Kuro_Storm where is that move tutor? can you tell me where he is?

Move tutor is not in this update.

Disregard the other answer to your question. The move tutor is located in Helios City, here:

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no i mean a real move tutor which will teach my rayquaza dragon ascent move

can’t wait for the update to that

If M-Eevee changes abilities when it’s form changes, and it isn’t likely to have a normal move in it’s moveset, why would adaptability be anything other than useless in a Mega Eevee build?