Questions about Achilees' heel

If a pokemon is a dual typing would achilees’ heel be 4x super effective or still 2x. My last question if you have an abilities like intoxicate, pixilate, and aerilate, would achieels’ heel will it still do super effective damage on a type your attack will not be very effective against. Also with the abilities if you attack a type that is weak against that type will it be 4x super effective because achilees’ heel ability and super effectiveness. And it can possibly be 8x if the dual typing thing is true for achillee’s heel

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Sorry if I’m a bit late, but I think I may have an answer, or at least part of one. According to the wiki, it always deals Super Effective damage, but it also specifies 2x, meaning you can’t stack it, even if it weren’t a Normal type move. This would theoretically be true even if the user has Intoxicate/Pixelate/Aerilate; the only thing that would change would be the types it works against. I haven’t had the chance to test this out yet, as I haven’t gotten the TM yet, so this is purely speculation. For more information, look here:

There is also a possibility that the wiki is outdated or straight-up incorrect, so feel free to test it out yourself.