Question about Storylines

I picked the traditional story because it seems better than having a story trying to be dark like every other pokemon fangame I’ve played.( the few exceptions are meme ones like outlaw or slightly altered like fool’s gold) are there any major differences between stories? from the amount I’ve played it’s a lot more fun than other storylines, even comparing the intro between each. I heard something about Pokerus beng a big part of the story but being removed in the traditional story. Is that true and are there any other major changes which aren’t spoilers for the storyline?

the only ones that i know are in dark story when we begin we see the man sacrificing and blood but the traditional story dosent have people dying or blood . people die in dark story. imo dark is way cooler than traditional

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The traditional mode isn’t complete btw, after reaching oranos, the game switches to dark mode


I have to agree with u here, traditional is just boring, while dark is just VERY cool

Honestly I’m only using traditional because any pokemon fangame with a dark story usually think edgy = dark (I’m reading through the LParchive of this game on the dark story until the point I’m at and it feels really dumb, but then the guys on LPArchive can make any story look dumb), and it feels nice to have a fangame with a regular story. is there any chance the traditional story will be finished soon?

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Nope, in 1.3 , the traditional story mode will be removed, unfortunately

Oh, that’s somewhat annoying, From what I’ve seen of the LParchive, the game throws random edgy stuff around to make it somewhat dark. It doesn’t seem as bad as the story in uranium, where most of it is floundering around until exposition dumps galore happen and the most predictable twists and cliche lines culminate in a stupid easy final boss that can be beaten with pokemon that are relatively easy to get.

That’s actually something that we’ll be keeping that in mind for 1.3 development. Traditional is being removed due to it mainly just being fanservice and a really half-baked attempt to tone down “edginess”, but something that we’re working on in 1.3 is when a dark theme is appropriate and when it’s just not needed, and exercising proper judgment while revising the story. The loss of Traditional and Purity in 1.3 isn’t something to mourn, imo.

pls bring back calreath :sob: :sob: