Question about Nyx battle and moves

Does the move Return only hit twice in this battle? I’m getting rocked by Nyx’s Kangaskahn because of return and I’ve never noticed it hitting more than once in this game before…

The type inversion is actually causing me a lot of pain haha I went to go get a Delta Scizor with mega evo but it’s barely helping.

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That is the effect of Mega Kangaskhan’s ability, Parental Bond.


If that can help you, Choice Scarf Delta Gardevoir have a supper effective move against every other Pokémon on Nyx’s team with only Thunderbolt and Ice Beam. This is a very hard battle, especially because Mega Kangaskan is absolutely BROKEN. Having something like Rough Skin + Rocky helmet Garchomp can deal some very nasty damages to Kangaskan.

Even though you probably are pass the fight here’s how it went down for me personally, So I lead with Mega Delta Gardevoir and went for Ice Beam (didn’t have blizzard) and took out the Aurorus. Then she sent out Greninja and I sent out Blaziken but she switched to her Garchomp and ko’d Blaziken. I switched to my own Garchomp, took 1 fire blast allowing me to set up swords dance and then I Dig the Garchomp, (I think) I dragon claw the Mega Kangaskhan and it ohok’d but not before hitting me with Return. Then swept the team with Dig since now it’s Breloon, Exeggutor and Greninja.