Question about mega chatot after the nerf

I’ve searched all over the internet but haven’t been able to find anything covering mega chatot’s viability after the amplifier nerf (it was said to be ubers material prior to the nerf back when amplifier boosted sound based moves by a whopping 1.5x) So my question is; is it still a very strong mega? or atleast ou material? or is just not that great anymore? Thanks ahead for any feedback.

It’s probably UU or UUBL now, it’s good, but outclassed by Mega Flygon, as well as Insurgence having massive power creep, even when compared to Gen 8 mons. Not having a good Flying STAB still hurts it, but Boomburst and Heat Wave, with Plot and U-Turn and Roost are all the moves it needs. It really just runs a combination of those 5 moves.

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