Question about Master Balls

What legendaries should I save my master balls for? Don’t want to waste them if I know something harder is eventually coming.

there are roaming legends, but dont flee i would say save them for arceus (quest) cause you have to battle someone and straight away battle it (no heal time)

So is arceus the only legendary I definitely need to save one for?

probablly it will be 105 lvl

Ok thanks.

The best candidates would probably be Arceus (has Perish Song), Meloetta (has Perish Song), Genesect (has Explosion and Simple Beam), Volcanion (has Explosion), and Azelf (has Explosion). The first few are harder to manage than the last few.

Is Arceus holding a plate? Is Genesect holding a drive? If not then tricking Choice Scarf is an option.

Arceus is holding a crystal piece and genesect isn’t holding anything.