Question about Delta Pidgeot

I got a Delta Pidgey with an Adamant Nature and good IVs in every Stat except HP so I want to know if this thing is gonna turn into a special attacker with a special based moveset and special based mega stats or a physical attacker with a physical based moveset and physical based mega stats.

After an hour of training it doesn’t even have anything fantastic like Hurricane in terms of special attacks so I think Physical would be the best way to go for this particular pokemon. For all I know it may be able to get Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse as tutor moves and get amazing special attack as a Mega but, you can’t deny the raw power of having Outrage and D Dance on this thing.

do you get delta pidgeot in the same place you get the delta pidgeotite? because i sure couldn’t find it. Also, perfection lab key. Thanks in advance.

Delta Pidgey is found in Samsara cave in the Delta Pidgeot shrine which is accessible via surf on your first visit. In order to find Pidgey you need to hit a secret button on 1 of the statues in the room and then a new path should appear leading you to the Delta Pidgey. In order to get Delta Pidgeotite you need Tesseract which is an ability your Quartz Flute will get later in the game. I don’t know the exact placement of the Mega Stone but, I don’t think you’ll miss it. The Perfection Lab Key is post game item that you can find in Perfection Base which is accessible via the Black Market or Jade Tower.

thanks for the answer, i had a hunch that was where the key was. my question is though how to open the door, as no key i’ve gotten fits the door.

Says on the wiki that it requires the Post Game Perfection Quest to be completed in order to access the key.

so i’m here.

What do i do then.

Talk the to statue directly to your left in that picture. As you can see there is a button on it.

all that does is turn me around and say it’s cold and hard to the touch

Well that is definitely the statue you need to interact with, try doing it from different angles.

absolutely nothing. maybe there’s something i’m doing wrong?

Must be some sort of bug then cause pressing the button makes this ladder appear.

well, i tweeted at suze, so hopefully it will get a hotfix or somethin’

Another problem is that you may not be updated to the most recent version. Are you at Version 1.2.2?

i’m pretty sure i am. i might’ve forgotten though, so i’ll try again

yep. just tried downloading it again. didn’t do shit.

Idk what to tell ya then. I hope this gets resolved for ya soon.

yeah, thanks for that. i should also apologize for wasting your time like this.

Oh it’s no problem. Glad to have been of a help.

Hey friend, I made an account because I ran into the same problem as you and was looking for solutions. Did the statue get fixed for you? I haven’t yet tried with 1.2.3, so maybe that fixed it.