Question about breeding shiny

Hello guys,I have some question.

1.If I put shiny pokemon and common ditto in many chance I’ll got a shiny pokemon
2.If I bleed pokemon that I got from Wonder-Trade,It will count as Masuda Method?
3.I already catch all delta pokemon in game and none of them are shiny,It’s is possible to me to getting some shiny one from bleeding?
4.I can only get another Delta Ditto by trading from another player right?

thank you for all answer.

  1. Breeding with a shiny does not change the chances of getting a shiny offspring.
  2. It is possible that it will count, but only if the Pokémon you got from wonder trade is from another region that is not your own. See this page for more details on different regions. Unfortunately, there is no way to check for which region the Pokémon came from.
  3. Yes it is possible to breed more deltas, but you can only breed more if you put it in the daycare with a Delta Ditto. Delta ditto can also breed with normal Pokémon as well.
  4. yes, you can ask to exchange your delta ditto for a foreign delta ditto in the trades category. Be sure to include which region you are from in your offer.

P.S it’s breed, not bleed (cuz bleeding involves blood and I’m p sure you’re not trying to say that xD)


ty for answer.and sry about the misspelling.

No problemo. And dw about it, just wanted to let ya know :))